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Comedy Walk 2014

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On May 1st, 26 comedians are walking 84 miles along Hadrians wall to raise money for ovarian cancer. Starting in solway and finishing in Newcastle.

Some of the comedians taking part include Silky, Seymour Mace, Pat Monahan, Nick Banks, Matt Fong, Katy Truelove, Lulu Reubens, Carl Gillespie, Fran Garrity, Sean Turner and Pat Aevie to name a few.

We asked Nick Banks a few questions about the walk and why they’re doing it.

Which of the comedians do you think are most likely to struggle?

Nick: I think everyone will be fine this year as we have added an extra day, last year i think some people under estimated how tough it was actually going to be so people are training for it this year.

What are people doing to train?

Nick: Treadmills, walking just getting used to the distance, as after a few days it really takes a toll on your legs, blisters and cramps

Have you personally been affected by ovarian cancer?

Nick: Personally i have not but a few of the guys who are walking have been, the most notable one is comedian Matt Fong who sadly lost his mum Allison to the disease a few years ago, the walk is in memory of her with all the money raised going to ovacome

Tell us more bit about Ovacome

Nick:  Ovacome is a charity founded on personal experience. The founder, Sarah Dickinson, herself an ovarian cancer sufferer, wanted other women to be able to access clear, reliable information, support and advice. The work they do today still reflects her vision.

They are a registered charity established in 1996 with over 5,000 members that provides support and information for womenaffected by ovarian cancer, their families and friends. It is free to join.

They provide a nurse-led telephone and email support service staffed by medical professionals that can answer clinical questions, talk through the issues, provide emotional support, advice and chat. They are here for people affected by ovarian cancer.

Is there anything anyone can do to help?

Nick: Yeah, they can donate if they would like to help us raise money, they can follow us on Twitter and Facebook and just share it around. The more people know that know about it, the more we raise awareness and the more money we will hopefully raise. We are also desperatley looking for a mini-bus and a van to ferry people around and carry all the gear.

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Welcome to Open Comedy

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In our years of performing and promoting stand up comedy, the two most common questions we’ve been asked are, ‘Do you know where I can find more gigs?’ and ‘Do you know any comedians that could perform?’

It’s been apparent for a while that the stand up comedy industry needs a tool more specific than Facebook for keeping track of gigs, slots and performers. So we’ve been working hard to create a website that makes things a lot simpler.

If you book comedy shows and have any available slots, it only takes a few seconds to list your show with us and we’ll help promote it to thousands of comedians on Facebook, Click here to add your event. If you’re a performer and you’re looking for slots, click here to find slots in your area. If you signed up to, your account has been transferred to and you can log in and apply for slots straight away. If you hadn’t gigged with us previously, it only takes a few seconds to sign up.

We’re dedicated to creating a great professional network of performers and bookers and to helping grow the careers of all our members, so if you have any comments suggestions we’d love to hear from you. You can contact us here or email us directly. [email protected]