Jon Matthews

Bristol , United Kingdom
Jon Matthews
Jon Matthews

"Even the depressed middle-aged men in polo shirts were amused." - CBN Weekly

Jon Matthews is an insightful stand up comedian whose work has been described as a 'a hilarious post-modern commentary on politics and popular culture'. Full of irony, surrealism, self deprecation and political comment with a dry crowd pleasing delivery, his performances have created much mirth wherever he has traveled.

After two and a half years performing in China, where he became a firm favourite of the ex-pat comedy scene, Jon is now based in Bristol and performs his unique and often surreal political satire regularly at comedy events across the region. He came second at the 2017 Hereford Comedy Festival and was once threatened by a UKIP supporter at a gig in Torquay.

Jon is one third of the Pillars of Society Comedy Roadshow, an exciting satirical stand up show exploring the institutions that underpin British society, debuting at festivals across the country this Summer.

Jon also enjoys cake, cricket and cider as well as working on his allotment.

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