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Perform at Havana Laugh Comedy

Wednesday 24th of April 2019, 19:30PM
Lion Brewery in Ash, Aldershot, United Kingdom
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    7 mins 0GBP 7:30 PM Arrival 15 Available 1 Applications
    This is not a bringer gig but we do ask you to bring people with you if you possibly can. We cannot guarantee an audience but any people in the bar do tend to be there specifically for the comedy on these nights. All acts are asked to stay until the end to support the acts who have supported them. We always aim to finish by 10.30pm. If for any reason you need to leave a little earlier, let us know. In return, we provide you with a lit performance space, a professional p.a. system, microphone and mic stand. To book yourself a spot please e-mail havanalaugh@hotmail.co.uk If you have a clip of your act please attach a link. If no link please give a short description of your act. This helps us categorise your material as we have many acts from Havana Laugh open mic nights who we select to perform paid gigs with us.

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Havana Laugh Comedy
Pete Jee

Pete Jee

A comic with a repertoire of 5 to 30 minutes of strong material and also an experienced compere who communicates well with audiences with a laid back and friendly delivery that is popular with audiences everywhere he performs. Material is predominantly word play with elements of self deprecation and observation with a friendly delivery with very little or no swearing if required. Pete Jee has the flexibility to adapt his act to be totally family friendly if required. Competent writer in his own...