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Perform at Bedford Comedy Experience FREE

Sunday 16th of February 2020, 16:00PM
The Third Place in bedford, United Kingdom
  • Open

    10 mins 0GBP 4:00 PM Arrival 4 Available 4 Applications
    open spots finished by 7:30pm
  • Open

    No spots left
    10 mins 0GBP 4:00 PM Arrival 0 Available 10 Applications
    10-15mins open spots depending how many turn up. we'll be finished by 7:30pm at the latest so we can all get home before the trains shut.

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Bedford Comedy Experience FREE
Joe Bains

Joe Bains

I've got through the finals several times of Manchester comedy store gong show / Frog & Bucket / Spiky Mikes Gong shows.
I've done shows at Brighton / Henley / Southend / Leicester / Edinburgh Festivals
I'm a British Indian based in London,UK.
I'm a Comedian / MC / Promoter and run my own comedy nights in London.
My comedy is based on my ethnicity and my own experiences of travelling around the world.
I see a heckle as something positive from an enthusiastic audience w...

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