Perform at Carls Comedy Club

Tuesday 3rd of March 2020, 20:00PM
Chaplins & The Cellar Bar in Boscombe, United Kingdom
  • Headline

    25 mins 75GBP 8:00 PM Arrival 1 Available 6 Applications
    The headline slot for the night has the 3rd section all to themselves with a 25-30 minute set to see the night off with a bang!
  • Middle

    10 mins 10GBP 7:30 PM Arrival 1 Available 11 Applications
    This middle slot will close the 2nd section of the night and is perfect for newbies or more experienced acts wanting to try new material.
  • Middle

    20 mins 30GBP 7:30 PM Arrival 1 Available 9 Applications
    This slot will be opening the 2nd section of the night
  • Opening

    20 mins 50GBP 7:30 PM Arrival 1 Available 8 Applications
    This opening set needs enthusiasm to get the crowd going.

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Carls Comedy Club
Carl Filer

Carl Filer

I now have 2 nights per month, 1 is the first Tuesday of the month and the other is the 3rd Thursday....

Carl Filer has 6 spots available. Click here to apply.