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Perform at Comedy at the Kitchen, Croxley Green

Friday 2nd of August 2019, 20:00PM
The Kitchen Croxley in Croxley Green, United Kingdom
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    10 mins 5GBP 8:00 PM Arrival 0 Available 6 Applications
    Am looking for up to 6 spots for a CLEAN comedy night in Croxley Green, Hertfordshire...this means minimal swearing and sexual references.

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Comedy at the Kitchen, Croxley Green


Inspired by some of the greats in British comedy, Carbs has finally had the courage to follow his ambition of writing and performing comedy to live Audiences.

Carbs's is a thirty something chatty and daft English comic coming from an Indo-Irish Background. He's got a good line in audience interaction and uses useful gags and actouts.

The best way to describe Carbs is your silly best mate....