GigsEdinburgh Boteco Basement Fringe Venue 516 CLAW: The Confederation of Lady Arm Wrestlers @ Edinburgh Fringe

CLAW: The Confederation of Lady Arm Wrestlers @ Edinburgh Fringe

Friday 2nd of August 2019, 9:20PM
BOTECO - Basement: Fringe VENUE 516 in Edinburgh, United Kingdom

πŸ“’ Are you ready for some SERIOUS competition, over-the-top characters, ringmasters, referees, musical intros, lights, glitz, glamour, superfans and screaming audiences!?

🌈Dearly Delightfuls, welcome to the 2019 Edinburgh Festival Fringe stage, the phenomenal, the whimsical, the INTER-NAT-ION-AL movement, of Ladies Arm Wrestling, currently sweeping the globe! πŸ’₯ THIS IS CLAWπŸ’₯

πŸ¦€ CLAW: The Confederation of Lady Arm Wrestlers πŸ¦€

πŸ“Œ @BOTECO - Basement: Fringe VENUE 516 πŸ“Œ

πŸ– 47 Lothian Street, EH1 1HB πŸ–

☎ BOX OFFICE: 0131 226 0000 ☎

πŸ”₯ DOORS @ 9 pm πŸ”₯

🎫 Pay what you want & We take Contactless πŸ’³


🀩 MC Claire Boyce Lenahan A.K.A. Arma Flappion the Wizard !

🀩 PROMOTER Christina Gulick A.K.A. Don Kween !

πŸ“’πŸ’₯ WRESTLER Line Up TBAπŸ’₯πŸ“’

🎯 Trust us its CLAWriffic 🎯


Good Night Out Campaign


Lagunitas Brewing Co

🦞 CLAW(GB) has sourced the best competitors and celebrity guests for 90 minutes of jam-packed entertainment and join a global network of theatrical femmes and allies, passionate about enabling a performance platform for femmes by femmes.🦞

πŸ“£ Here’s what others are saying πŸ“£

πŸ’‹ β€˜Hilarious, outrageous, and magical sports entertainment.’

πŸ’‹ β€˜Best night out in a long time, bring on many more.’

πŸ’‹ β€˜Hilarious Hot Ladies - I want more CLAW, Grrrrrrr.’

πŸ’‹ β€˜I had the best, funniest, silly, camp and in no small way empowering night out. If I don't make it as a Councillor I'm planning to sign up! Would and will recommend to anyone who'd listen!’

πŸ‘… You're Welcome πŸ‘…


Heroes of Fringe: Edinburgh Performers 2019

Southwark Presents

CLAW: The Confederation of Lady Arm Wrestlers @ Edinburgh Fringe

A Combat Class(y)Clown &
A Rain (F* CKING)bow of sunshine.

You're welcome.

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