GigsExeter Barnfield Studio Celia Delaney is...Angelic?

Celia Delaney is...Angelic?

Monday 29th of July 2019, 9:00PM
Barnfield Studio in Exeter , United Kingdom

Celia Delaney has a secret love child...so is she really as angelic

as she says she is?

A love affair in France at 19 years old left Celia with an

imaginary daughter, whom she has raised as a single parent for 25 years, unbeknownst to anyone. With Brexit looming, will she have to send her back? What has happened to her daughter in all these years? The fire at Notre Dame takes us back to the beginning of the story as she traces her daughters trials and tribulations along with her own across three decades.

A tale of lost love, told through three generations of women, with songs and stand-up from this home-grown comic.

Celia Delaney is...Angelic?

Celia Delaney reflects on middle age, marriage and monotony, using a seductive mix of stand-up and musical comedy. Strong punchlines, clever songs and excellent crowd taming skills. "Dark, distinctive and hilarious". The Upcoming.