Hyper Mic

Saturday 27th of April 2019, 7:15PM
The Lord Stanley in London, United Kingdom

It’s the lottery. It’s an open mic. Most importantly, it’s not a bringer, a pay to play, or a seemingly eternal night of tinder jokes . This mic is for the standup comedian, new and old. It’s a mic for the new stuff that’s been dying to be said out loud, but not had the room to try it in.

It sounds too good to be true, and for some it will be. Because this night is 1 hour long with the goal of getting 10 acts up. The first 2 acts to sign-up online ( https://thefreeassociation.co.uk/comedy-room-shows-list/hmjan ) are guaranteed a spot, the other 8 acts will be drawn from a bucket on the night. We will have a male and a female bucket to ensure there is an even spread throughout the evening. If your name doesn’t get drawn, don’t worry mate! You’ve got to be a supportive crowd for your fellow comrades, AND your name will stay in the bucket for the next week. If you come back, you can put your name in again for better odds of being chosen.

You don't have to be booked through this site. Sign-up through the link above and then just turn up to the gig and throw your name in the bucket.

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Available Spots

Hyper Mic