Gigs LondonUpper Norwood Library Hub Comedy in the library #4

Perform at Comedy in the library #4

Friday 8th of November 2019, 19:30PM
Upper Norwood Library Hub in London, United Kingdom
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    No spots left
    20 mins 100GBP 7:30 PM Arrival 0 Available 22 Applications
    Experienced acts for this lovely gig in the library. Please send bio, video and credits. Thanks!
  • Open

    10 mins 0GBP 7:30 PM Arrival 5 Available 44 Applications
    Non-bringer, stayer. Please send bio, credits & video if I've not seen you before / for a while.

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Comedy in the library #4
Barbara Gunter

Barbara Gunter

Does standup about being middle class and vegan. Runs Crystal Palace Comedy. ...

Barbara Gunter has 3 spots available. Click here to apply.