GigsReading Bluegrass Bbq Mates Rates Comedy **Please read below guidance**

Mates Rates Comedy **Please read below guidance**

Sunday 2nd of June 2019, 4:00PM
Bluegrass BBQ in Reading , United Kingdom

The purpose of Mates Rates Comedy is to provide a space for new acts in Reading to give stand up a go while also having enough quality to build and retain an audience.

Each show will have:

-x1 5 Minute spot for a brand new act

-x4 10 Minute spots for a more experienced act

-x1 15 Minute sport for a paid headliner

If you are interested in performing at Mates Rates Comedy:

-Please can you email me at nicholasbyard[at]gmail.com

-Please indicate what spot you are going for

-If you are applying for a 10 minute spot please include a video in your application

-If you are applying for the headline spot please send across a video, your comedy CV and preferred fee.

Safe Space Policy

While I won’t be censoring acts, I do ask that you please read the room! It is a Sunday afternoon show so I want to try not to alienate my audience. For example I don’t think people will be ready for the C-bomb.


There is no obligation to promote the event on social media, and your respective platforms. However, it is encouraged and genuinely appreciated if you can do your best to build some momentum for the night.

Mates Rates Comedy **Please read below guidance**
Nicholas Byard
Nicholas Byard

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