GigsSalisbury Camelot Residential Home Open Day. 15 Min Stand Up

Open Day. 15 Min Stand Up

Monday 22nd of April 2019, 7:00PM
Camelot Residential Home in Salisbury, United Kingdom

A variety day full of music and fun. Francoise Frogette is performing a clean version of her act which has vocals as well as standup jokes...lots of slap stick, one liners and belly aches

Open Day. 15 Min Stand Up
Françoise Froggette  (Beth Mayoh)
Françoise Froggette (Beth Mayoh)

Multi - Character -Hilarious, Baudy ......Hard hitting and ever so slightly controversial.
Not for the easily offended .....however I do have a clean version of my repertoire available...making my act both versatile and adaptable where appropriate....