GigsClovis Groggs Irish Pub Just The Tips headlining Tom Smith Comedy Show + Open Mic

Just The Tips headlining Tom Smith Comedy Show + Open Mic

Tuesday 15th of August 2017, 4:00AM
Groggs Irish Pub in Clovis, United States

About Tom

Life is an assassination attempt that, simply put, has been bungled so far. Tom Smith plays with absurdity and the general lack of dignity that is the common coin of being a sentient life form loping the planet today. With biting wit, he sheds light on our foibles and the shadows of triumph that they cast.

Tom has shared the stage with top headliners including Robin Williams, Costaki Economopolous, Will Durst, Sal Calanni, Ryan Stout, Donald Glover and many others. He has been a regular at Rooster T Feathers and the San Jose Improv. A recent transplant to the Greater Fresno Metropolitan Area he appears regularly in rooms up and down California.

He has produced several sketches on stages throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, even adapting a Twilight Zone episode to the small stage. He is currently screenplay (shocker) and plans on directing it, please stand by for details. Tom also co-hosts the hilarious classic movie podcast 'Finleys on Film'. Click on the link to check it out.

Open Mic following so bring your funny and support the room

This show is totally supported by tips so bring some dollar bills yall or bigger.

Just The Tips headlining Tom Smith Comedy Show + Open Mic
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