Jimmy Ennis

Brighton , United Kingdom
Jimmy Ennis
Jimmy Ennis

I am originally from Dudley but moved to Brighton in 2017, and started stand-up comedy in March 2018.

Born and bred in the People's Democratic Republic of...Dudley. I moved to Brighton in 2017 with only a twinge of an accent so hopefully don't need subtitles when performing...although when people ask where I'm from they think I am a hybrid of Australian, Liverpudlian and South African...

Started performing Stand-up in May 2018 following an 8 week mentoring by Stephen Grant as part of a charity fundraser for Cancer Research UK. I've seen performed at open mic/new material nights in and around Brighton.

Having no filter has resulted in the confessional side of my comedy being overly honest and observation material is based around local/national news stories I see in the hidden pages of newspapers/sites.

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