Shawn Hoult

London , United Kingdom
Shawn Hoult
Shawn Hoult

I've been performing comedy for more than 10 years, splitting my time between stand-up, hosting, improv, and theatre.

I found my feet with stand-up in Vancouver, B.C., and later in Alberta, then got lucky and moved to the amazing comedy scene of New Zealand, before finally landing in London.

I have done comedy shows in over a dozen international festivals, created two different hour-long fringe shows, and done gigs at hundreds of clubs. I also have produced dozens of my own gigs including Sing It Wrong and Hey Wellington, What's Up.

My style tends to be fast paced, with a hint of Canadian politeness.

I have oodles of experience hosting, as well as working in a corporate setting. So please contact me for any kind of gig.

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Shawn Hoult in London


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